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Order participation of advertised biddings

Organizers of advertised biddings

Open order of the tender it is registered in territory of Republic of Uzbekistan, tax departments, to motor transport in city, suburban, having the licence for realisation of the international passenger transportations of any legal person. At the same time, which model is defined by one survey of a vehicle, managements of a vehicle with the State department press has confirmed existence of the positive certificate of participation obligatory.

For participation in the tender will be declared on a competitive basis. In other words, the competitive commission on the tender to routes (routeing of packages) and the list of the basic conditions of tender procedure, time, a place, including procedures of the tender by participants of the competitive documentation not later than 30 days prior to it is declared through mass-media.

Those who wishes to take part in open competition the written request of the Commission for a package of the tender documentation. Applied and the terms specified in the tender documentation, 5 days prior to date of carrying out of the tender expires. All serial number of the Commission and lacy it is registered in the special book. The commission has the licence for traffic realisation for all demands received from participants, without an exception. Nevertheless, for participation in advertised bidding on consideration of the demands received after specified term, will not be accepted.

The participant of the tender should pay actual cost of preparation of documents. All means from the province government (the Uzbek agency of automobile and river transport), taken place in the special account also are used only for the organisation of tenders. Only in coordination with the Chairman of the Commission, the Commission has the right to dispose of these means.

To accept competitive demands a day before action. Date and time of the termination of reception of tender offers declared the tender spent by the Commission.

After the tender has no right to make any amendments.

The Commission evaluated offers received from participants of the tender.
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